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Village Salon

Salon is a regular program of Village Berlin animating discussions between experts and community members in a cosy atmosphere of a safe and supportive social space.

December 11, 2018

_Beautiful WEIRDo! :  Abel Burger talks about her project. 


"Beautiful Weirdo"

Salon and Community Discussion with

Abel Burger  (Artist)

This talk is the occasion to share together your questions, expectations and my recent experience with people I already met: actors, activists, lovers, writers, musicians, dos, filmmaker, members of our community... all beautiful creatures wo make our city unique and inspiring. 

The project Beautiful Weirdo has begun on the 15th of November, with the meetings of people from the Berlin Scene. What means intimacy, when people just met for the first time? What is behind words, behaviour, what is hidden and shared? During a two hours meeting, each participant 7 beautiful weirdo is invited to share his/her/their story, what is important for her/his/their life, in a safe space.

This conversation gives rise to a written poetry, a painting portrait and a picture of the person taken at a moment with a polaroid. Like marking an exceptional and orchestrated meeting in life, which aims is to share with others, the beauty of this instant. Is it still a question of seduction? Why would you want to take part in this project?

If you like to be part of the project, this is the perfect occasion for you to meet Abel burger and ask her questions.

July 18 2018

_Quilting: Community Talk about Queer Memory, Healing and Survival.



Salon and Community Discussion with

Aaron Cobbet (Artist)

During the salon, we have the possibility to meet with artist Aaron Cobbet, ask questions and look at the work in progress.

Archetypal symbols of masculinity combined with traditional Thread-based craft express themes of representation, visibility, survival, healing, forgiveness and the piercing together of male lives.

Aaron says about Quilting: 

" Technically a memorial quilt is a quilt made from clothing and bedding of a loved on who has passed on.

It is a way of transferring the persons energy (I believe that fibres hold energy) into an object of beauty and usefulness and a way of physically wrapping yourself in that person. It is also a way of grieving and processing loss and mourning.

Aaron Cobbet is at Artist residency by Instinct Berlin at Village Berlin from June 26th until July 27th.

In collaboration with Berlin based artist Theodor Johansson, he will offer a workshop on July 14th to create a banner/quilt by and for the Stretch Village Community.

March 13, 2018

_PREP: talk about the Art Project by Harlen Munsö


"Fuck Raw - towards a better future"

Salon and Community Discussion with

Harlen Munsö  (Artist)

Siegfried Schwarze

Nicolas Feustel (Prep Activist)

"Fuck Raw towards a better future" is the provoking title of the work that American Harlen Munsö is developing during his residency at the Village Berlin.

Munsö´s works combine drawings with installations and video, the "Fuck Raw" will recycle elements from the history of HIV prevention, scientific research and activism.

During the salon, we have the possibility to meet with artist Munsö, ask questions and look at the work-in-progress.

In an open talk with PREP activist and Munsö, visitors can discuss the wider topic of HIV prevention and the implication of new treatments possibilities - Let´s take a chance to lay down facts and dissolve any myths which tend to develop about this topic.