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clearing-centre for solution-oriented conflict-counseling at Village Berlin

WHAT is SOLUTIONS & WHY is it needed? 

Wherever people come together conflicts may arise. We are well advised not to neglect such conflicts or to put them aside, where they often proliferate, but to state them clearly in order to deal with and possibly solve them.


We all know that this is not always easy for various reasons. Conflicts quite often create a  dynamic, which may be unsettling, entangling and bewildering for the parties involved.


Especially when an important cause close to our hearts is at stake we tend to focus on the conflict thus narrowing our view and causing us to overlooking potential solutions.

For situations like this the SOLUTIONS  Clearing-Centre for solution-oriented Conflict-Counseling has been created at the Village Berlin  as a special offer for people who are involved in Village-Berlin, for users as well as members of the team.

HOW can you use SOLUTIONS?

You are concerned about or with a conflict – why not contact our discreet clearing-centre?


Our first step would be an appointment for an initial consultation. This initial consultation will consist of a clearing conversation during which you will have plenty of time to describe your concern in detail. An experienced psychosocial counsellor under client confidentiality will be at your disposal. Together you will identify the problem  and think about possible first steps towards a potential solution.

At the end of this conversation you will decide together how you will go on from there.

Depending on the kind of conflict you could for example decide that

  • some more confidential counseling sessions in a 1 to 1 setting are necessary to investigate the conflict in more detail and to find out which kind of support you need in order to solve the problem.

  • you would like to have a swing- mediation with the person(s) who is or are involved in this conflict. Swing-mediation means separate consultations for the conflicting parties offering the possibility to find a common agreement with the help of the mediating counselour. 
    In this case all people involved need to consent to the swing-mediation  and release the counselour from his secrecy obligation as far as the topic of the mediation is concerned.

  • you would like to have a mediation session with both conflicting parties. In this case all people involved need to agree with the mediation session.

  • you would like to have a conversation together with the contact persons for structure- & organisation-questions at Village-Berlin in which you could discuss  your concerns and requests.

How to contact SOLUTIONS  Clearing-Centre for solution-oriented Conflict-Counseling confidentially?


Every Monday from 4 to 5 p.m(from March 15)  the clearing centre is manned. If you want to clarify an issue you may during this hour, you can contact the conselor 

  • drop in at Village to make your first appointment.

  • confidentially call the following direct number (+49 157 785 27 576). 

  • send an e-mail to Only the counselour will read your email and treat it with professional confidentiality.

WHO is behind  SOLUTIONS?


Till Ruben Majewski is a state-certified educator, social education worker and social worker as well as systemic consultant in training (at BIF  (Berlin Institute for Family-therapy).

In his main job he is working for „selbst.bestimmt.e.V.- der Fachstelle für Konfliktbearbeitung und Gewaltprävention“ (competence- centre for conflict consulting and prevention of violence),  he also is a freelancer in adult education.

Inter alia he worked for “Schwuler Checkpoint Hein&Fiete“ (Gay Checkpoint for STI/ HIV-Prevention in Hamburg),  „Akzeptanz für Vielfalt- gegen Homo-Trans* und Interfeindlichkeit“ (nationwide antidiscrimination programme), die „Aidshilfe Niedersachsen“ ( STI/ HIV-Prevention and self-health-oganisation in  Lower Saxony), die „Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe“ (STI/ HIV-Prevention and self-health-oganisation Germany) and the „ICH-WEISS-WAS-ICH-TU-Kampagne“ (nationwide HIV/STI-prevention campaign for men having sex with men)  as well as in the board of directors of the „Schwules Museum*“ (Gay* Museum) Berlin.

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