BECOME A MEMBER Join the village, share and support our vision and become a part of our community of GBTQ men!

Why become a member?

By becoming a member of the association you become a part of the community that has grown around the Stretch festival and at the Village, take part in our events in Berlin and beyond and support the vision of the Village as a place for personal growth, connection and belonging for GBTQI men. 

As a member you’ll receive the members’ newsletter, get invited to the half yearly membership meetings, have the possibility to take part in important decisions concerning the development of the Village, and vote for the village committee, a (yearly renewed) group of 7 volunteers that organizes and steers the activities of the association for the members. 

As a member the first two events every month are free and you get a discount on any further events you attend. The offering includes weekly classes like Yoga, Meditation, Contact Improvisation or Life Drawing as well as monthly events like Playfight, Massage Exchange, Book & Film Club, Cuddle Puddle, Outdoor events and many more.

There are also exclusive „members only“ events and free or donation based events like the monthly potluck or the Village Heart Circle. 

As a member, no matter if you live in Berlin or elsewhere, you can be involved in the development of this international, Berlin- and Germany-wide community. Even if you don’t live in Berlin or are unable to regularly visit the Village, you remain a valuable community member and can take an active part in shaping our community. With your financial contribution as a member you are enabling an important place for queer men* looking for personal growth and a sense of belonging to something larger than what one or few individuals are capable of. The Village has the potential to become an urban model for a new way of living connection that so many of us yearn for - and you can be a part of it!

How much is a membership?

We offer four different kind of Memberships:

20 Euro / month: Regular
As a member you are at the core of the Village and it’s you who make the space and the community thrive and develop. Thank you! Plus you get to attend two events each month for free and a discount on any further events. 

35 Euro / month: Supporter
For those who can afford a bit more - this membership allows us to offer one reduced Social Membership per year. You’ll get a big thank you, all the advantages of the regular membership, plus you can bring a free guest to all Village e.V. events!

50 Euro / month: Sponsor
If you want to sponsor the idea of the Village - this membership allows us to not only offer reduced Social Memberships, but to support the Village as a space and the association as a community. You’ll get an extra big thank you, all the advantages of the regular membership, plus you can also bring a free guest to all Village events!

We also offer a reduced

10 Euro / month "Social Membership"

for queer men in difficult financial situations. Please get in touch with to find out more about this possibility. 

To sign up as a member please fill out the Membership Form or if you have any questions, please get in touch with the Member Care team at

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