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Why become a member?

we are village is a model for a new vibrant urban community that many of us long for - and you can be part of that community! We would love to welcome you!


With your financial contribution as a member you are enabling and maintaining this project as a whole. Personal growth and a sense of belonging to something larger than what one or few individuals can achieve are just two of the many aspects we aspire to build and give back to you.


Even if you don’t live in Berlin or are unable to regularly visit the Village, you remain a valuable community member and can take an active part in shaping our community.

You will receive regular information about the project & invitations to special events. With a membership you can attend two events per month at no additional cost and get special prices on work some activities (Stretch Festival, Authentic Eros, Soul of Skin)

How much is a membership?

Friend of Village: 20 € / month:
You don't live in berlin but this place is close to your heart and you want to support it regularly?
As a
Friend of Village you are at the core of the Village and it’s you who make the space and the community thrive and develop.

Standard: 30 € / month:
As a
standard member the
first two events* of every month are free and you get a discount on any further events you attend.

Supporter: 50 € / month:
Superlover: 100 € / month
If you want to sponsor the idea of the Village - those memberships allows us to offer reduced Social Memberships, and also support Village.Berlin as a space and the association as a community. You’ll get an extra big thank you, all the advantages of the standard membership, plus you can also bring a free guest to all Stretch-Village e.V. events.
 Extra Huge Thank You!

Concession Membership: 10 € / month 

The concession Membership is available for queer people in difficult financial situations.
For instance: students, unemployed people, or people with a disposable income below 750 eur per month. Please fill the following form >> here

To sign up as a member please fill out the Membership Form below or if you have any questions, please get in touch with the Member Care team at

* soul of skin & authentic eros workshops, stretch festival and some special events are not included in this offer.

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