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Our Vision

We'd like to introduce Village.Berlin: a beautiful and inviting community center in Berlin for gay, bisexual, trans*, queer men* and the home of the Stretch-Village e.V..


Village.Berlin is a space to gather, explore, play and be.

A space to support men on their journey to a deeper and more playful connection to themselves, their spirit, their body and to each other - for all ages, shapes and colors to exist together without judgement. 

Village.Berlin aims to build a respectful and caring queer community where we can create new connections and experience inspiration, support and healing in a visionary, disruptive and safe space.

Join us in our vision!

Stretch-Village e.V. brings Village.Berlin to life

We want Village.Berlin to become more than just a space for events and seminars. It can develop into a living and lively place for our community - promoting growth, kinship, fun, relaxation, healing, discourse and creativity.

To achieve this, we have founded an association: Stretch-Village e.V.  Our multi-faceted and gradually growing event program includes regular events, classes, exhibitions and artistic projects.

Stretch-Village e.V. is based on membership

Village.Berlin is a shared space with Authentic Eros, Stretch Festival, Instinct.Berlin and Stretch-Village e.V.

Our community can only work with a secure financial footing in place. The Authentic Eros courses and event revenue cover part of the cost, but your active involvement as Village members is at the heart of what makes this possible. 


With a standard membership fee of 20€ a month you allow our community to fulfill its most basic needs. As a member you can attend two events/classes a month, or three online events and all additional events at a discount.

It takes a Community to build a Village

Become a member and an integral part of the Village community. We would be delighted to welcome you as a virtual or physical resident in our unparalleled!

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